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Nevis B and B - Under the banyan tree
Under the Banyan is shady and cool, a perfect place for shade-loving plants and people. Here you can find begonias, impatiens, coffee, cocao, and ginger. There is a cinnamon (bay rum tree) with a straight, tall trunk that is growing up into the canopy. The Banyan Tree is always filled with birds and, in early morning or evening, wild monkeys can be seen watching us.

Nevis B and B - Fan palm and distant sea

Most of the trees at Banyan Tree were planted long ago. The large Banyan Tree itself is at least 300 years old. When we started the Banyan Tree project, the old stone foundations and gardens were choked and covered with vines. Upon cleanup and construction, we were thrilled to discover treasures such as an old tamarind tree, an orchard of grapefruit trees, an avocado tree, mango trees, sour orange trees, lemon trees, sour sop trees, a banana grove, and much more!

Nevis B and B - Royal Palm

The Kitchen Garden enjoys the semi shade of sweet bay. It includes some familiar herbs such as rosemary, sweet basil, dill, gardenia, lettuces, small lemon trees and hot peppers. It is located right outside the kitchen door.

Nevis B and B - Orchid

The Bamboo Walk links the Bamboo House to the Main House. It is embraced by a bamboo grove on one side and a line of different palm tree varieties on the other side. Under the palms are varieties of bromeliads, kalanchoe, poinsettias, and bougainvillea.

Nevis B and B - Haleconia

The Ginger Gardens. We have imported a number of varieties from Asia: alpinias, costus, curcumas and hedychiums. Some have fragrant flowers; others have aromatic foliage. The fragrance of the white hedychium coronarium is addictive and breathtaking! All gingers are magic. Our "House Specialty" is a ginger tea made from our own ginger root.

Nevis B and B - Ginger

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