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A Few Words about Nevis and Banyan Tree

Nevis is a small island (36 square miles) and mountainous. Mount Nevis rises to 3600 feet above sea level. One's first impression is that it is a green and unspoiled island. Donkeys, sheep and chickens roam the streets and in the higher elevations wild vervet monkeys can be seen in the trees and scampering across the roads and hiking paths.

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Banyan Tree is in the foothills of Mount Nevis at 700 feet above sea level. At this elevation there is usually a nice breeze and views of both the mountain and the sea. It is a perfect spot to begin some interesting walks. We are about 2 miles from the Botanical Gardens, 1/2 mile from the Hermitage Plantation, and 3 miles along the upper Round Road Walk to Golden Rock Estate. More rigorous hiking is also possible; beyond and above Golden Rock is a spectacular 3 hour scenic hike to the water source of the island. Other challenging hikes can be arranged with a guide and include a rain forest walk, a hike to the summit of the mountain and a hike into the crater of Mount Nevis. Our favorite guide, Jim Johnson, has a list of about 20 different trails, some easy and some difficult.

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Other activities for visitors include swimming at more than 8 beaches, all public and all quite "private" in feeling, snorkeling, diving, boating, going to several small museums and renting a jeep to tour the island. On Saturday there is a picturesque fruit and vegetable market where one can find familiar and some exotic produce. One unique attraction is Nevis Pottery where pottery is being made as it has been for hundreds of years, coiled and fired over coconut husks.

Nevis Inn
In the evenings there is little formal entertainment. Reservations can be made to dine at one of the plantation hotels or other island restaurants. On Thursday night there is a seafood buffet with music and dancing at Nisbet Plantation. Another favorite night out is at "Bananas" located nearby.

Nevis is full of surprises and we recommend exploring the island on your own. You can do it by foot or you can rent a jeep, either way, you'll need a map, a camera and maybe a pair of binoculars. We can't wait to hear what you have discovered!

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